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Pure Guts: Remembering Rocky Versace

Courage. Bravery. Selflessness. We use those words often here at the Virginia War Memorial. Patriotism and sacrifice are commonly mentioned as well. All of these words, and several more, are needed to effectively describe the nearly twelve thousand stories represented by names etched into the walls of the Shrine of …

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Growing Up in a Moment

  1990-1991. My freshman year (or Rat Year) at the Virginia Military Institute coincided with Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, commonly known as The Persian Gulf War. While my Brother Rats and I endured push-ups, buzz cuts, poor grades, and the never-ending need to shine shoes or clean our …

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Hero Highlight – Andy Dee Anderson

Andy Dee Anderson always knew he wanted to serve his country. Growing up in Falls Church, Virginia, Andy enjoyed school and athletics. He played football and basketball for JEB Stuart High School and is remembered as a great teammate who made sure everyone had a ride home after practice or …

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