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The Virginia War Memorial’s Collection houses thousands of artifacts, including a drivable 1942 Packard Army Staff Car from WWII. While many items in the collection are on exhibit, the majority of artifacts are kept safely in storage to be used for research and future exhibitions, or are undergoing restoration.

The USS Birmingham Research Library

The U.S.S. Birmingham Research Library is home to a collection of works that inform about Virginia’s involvement in war, the role of Virginians at war, and that supports the research needs of the Virginia War Memorial’s staff. The library also contains a variety of training manuals prepared by all branches of the U.S. Military.

The library was named in memory of the sailors who died aboard the USS Birmingham in World War II.

Titles in the U.S.S. Birmingham Research Library


The Virginia War Memorial Archives are housed in the U.S.S. Birmingham Research Library. The archives contain material related to those Virginian’s who have served in our military, as well as material related to military conflicts. Most of the material is from the 20th and 21st centuries. Among the records in the more than 600 files of the archives you will find memoirs, photographs, official orders, correspondence, and publications. Items that are in the artifact collections of the Virginia War Memorial often have associated archival materials.

Researchers are welcome and encouraged to use the U.S.S. Birmingham Research Library and the Virginia War Memorial Archives, which are available by appointment only. Please call or email to schedule your visit.

Contact Information:
Heidi Sheldon, Museum Archivist
Phone: 804.786.1468

Files in the Virginia War Memorial Archives

Collections and Archives Donation Policy:
The Virginia War Memorial is fortunate to have friends and supporters offer books and personal artifacts for use at the museum and in the collection. Our staff is happy to discuss any potential donations with you or set up an appointment for artifact review.

We are primarily looking for military objects owned by Virginians and/or related to Virginia history, including uniforms, weaponry, correspondence, journals, and personal artifacts. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

Contact Information:
Jesse Smith, Museum Curator
Phone: 804.786.2067