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VCU Publishing Presents Award for Outstanding Journal Article to Mighty Pen Project Essay

On March 6, 2024, VCU Publishing announced the third annual VCU Publishing Awards. These awards recognize scholarship and creativity from VCU Publishing’s journal partners. VCU Libraries publishes seven open access peer-reviewed scholarly journals. VCU Publishing also hosts the archives of the Virginia War Memorial Foundation’s Mighty Pen Project, which provides …

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The Mighty Pen Podcast: Episode 8

Episode 8: Rosario and Bonne Année This week’s episode contains two works by Vietnam Veteran David Aldridge. His stories explore the difficulty of handling soldiers who resist orders, the haunting memories of war, and the fight for forgiveness that takes a lifetime. Rosario by David Aldridge, 2022 In November 1968, …

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The Mighty Pen Podcast: Episode 6

Episode 6: Dress Code and Disincanto This weeks’ episode, featuring “Dress Code” by Joe Maslanka and “Disincanto” by Daniel Barotti, considers the expectations one might have for their service in the Navy or Marine Corps, the peacetime reality they face, and the ways one might process the difference during and …

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