Virginia Heroes

Welcome to the Virginia War Memorial’s Virginia Heroes database. This online resource is a comprehensive list of Veterans both in Virginia and across the country who wish to be represented.

This list includes all of Virginia’s Heroes who made the supreme sacrifice from WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf and whose names are etched in stone and glass on the walls of the Shrine of Memory. Their records are indicated by a gold star.

Staffers and volunteers at the War Memorial continue to research the names and personal histories of Virginia’s fallen. As we learn more about these brave men and women, we will continue to add information to this database so that their stories may never be forgotten.

To submit your personal service record information, or that of any other Virginia veteran, living or deceased, please use the Veteran Updates form and submit to the Memorial for inclusion.

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James E. Young, Jr.

Corporal, Army

Hometown: Danville
Casualty Date: December 1, 1950
Died In: North Korea
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Joseph B. Young, Jr.

Staff Sergeant, Army

Hometown: Bristol
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Travis L. Youngblood

Petty Officer, Third Class, Navy

Hometown: Southampton County
Casualty Date: July 21, 2005
Died In: Hit, Iraq

killed by an improvised explosive device; served at the Naval Hospital Great Lakes, Great Lakes, Illinois; Corpsman with a Marine unit

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Donald A. Younglas

Major, Army

Hometown: Richmond City
Casualty Date: January 7, 1944
Died In: over France
Awards: Air Medal
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Wilbur H. Youngman, Jr.

First Lieutenant, Marine Corps

Hometown: Arlington
Casualty Date: October 17, 1951
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Robert Conrad Yowell

Seaman, Second Class, Navy

Hometown: Culpeper County
Casualty Date: June 20, 1945
Died In: Marseille, France
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Robert W. Yowell

First Lieutenant, Army

Hometown: Madison County
Casualty Date: January 11, 1945
Died In: near Mersing, Johore Province, Malay States
Awards: Purple Heart, Air Medal
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Eugene Crampton Zachman

Lieutenant Commander, Navy

Born: September 8, 1903
Hometown: Arlington
Casualty Date: November 19, 1943
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Roland Arthur Zachman

Lieutenant, Navy

Born: January 8, 1915
Hometown: Arlington
Casualty Date: April 28, 1944
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Harry A. Zahn

Private First Class, Army

Hometown: Elizabeth City County
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Milton T. Zandiotis

Technician, Fifth Grade, Army

Hometown: Martinsville
Casualty Date: November 21, 1943
Died In: Germany
Awards: Purple Heart
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Robert J. Zangas

Lieutenant Colonel, Marine Corps

Hometown: Prince William County
Casualty Date: March 9, 2004
Died In: Al-Hillah, Iraq

served with the DOD – Coalition Provisional Authority – 4th Civil Affairs Group – Naval Support Facility Anacostia, D.C.

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Frederick Ferdinand Zehring

First Lieutenant, Marine Corps

Hometown: Shenandoah County
Casualty Date: April 15, 1945
Died In: Okinawa
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Thomas Carlyle Morris Zeugner

Major, Army

Hometown: Petersburg
Casualty Date: February 27, 1991
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W. M. Zimmerman

First Lieutenant, Marine Corps

Hometown: Lynchburg
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George Alex Zimmerman, Jr.

Sergeant, Army

Hometown: Roanoke City
Casualty Date: November 26, 1943
Died In: over Paris, France
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Andrew Linn Zini

Chief Machinist's Mate, Navy

Hometown: Roanoke County
Casualty Date: February 27, 1942
Died In: Indian Ocean South of Java
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Aiden A. Zirkle

Corporal, Army

Hometown: Shenandoah County
Casualty Date: April 13, 1945
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George Raymond Zirnheld

Staff Sergeant, Army

Hometown: Norfolk City
Casualty Date: September 10, 1945

went down during mission to Dessau, Germany

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Thomas J. Zock

Aviation Machinist's Mate 3rd Class, Navy

Hometown: Norfolk City
Casualty Date: December 28, 1943
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