Sharing the Legacy of Memory


Our Memorial is a revered site where we pay tribute to the men and women whose military service is and always has been essential to our democracy. Our vision is that a global audience will recognize the valor and sacrifice of Virginia military veterans in the pursuit of liberty, democracy, justice, and peace for all.

A simple marble plaque installed in the nave of a 12th-century stone Romanesque church in Ver-sur-Mer, France, is the perfect embodiment of that vision.

In recognition and appreciation for the relief and restoration efforts provided by the Garden Club of Virginia to the Normandy village of Ver-sur-Mer, the sons and husbands of Garden Club of Virginia members are memorialized for their service during World War II.

These 30 individuals, wanting to live, but willing to die for the cause of liberty, are profiled in the document, linked below.

Whether their remains rest in hometown cemeteries or overseas, it is at the Virginia War Memorial that the stories behind their names are preserved.

In the spirit of Memory, we share these stories of courage, service, and honor.