Supporting the Community during COVID-19

Over the last few weeks, we have received an overwhelming amount of support from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia. Many of you have asked about how to best support the Virginia War Memorial Foundation and our programs while our doors are closed.

The simplest solution is to continuing doing the great things you always have been doing. Participating in the Virginia War Memorial Foundation programming, many of which are taking place online; sharing the work of the Memorial with others; and supporting the organization with a gift whenever possible.

In response to the inquiries we have received, we have put together a short list of suggested ways you can support the Foundation and those in the community who are struggling during this unusual time in history.

1.) Support our wonderful sponsors and community partners.

At the Virginia War Memorial Foundation, we depend on the support of dozens of small businesses and corporations to fulfill our mission to honor veterans, preserve history, educate youth and inspire patriotism in all.

Our popular events last year, including our T.G.A. 5K (They Gave All), Sips on the Skyline, and the Annual Golf Classic were successful because the business community partnered with the Virginia War Memorial Foundation to produce memorable opportunities for a diverse public to come together in support of a common cause.

If it’s feasible for you now, we hope you will continue to support the many people and businesses who support us.


2.) Check in on those in our community.

We recently made the decision not to host the Commonwealth’s Memorial Day ceremony in person. We also had to cancel our Walkway of Honor ceremony and reschedule the TGA 5K to the fall. These are events we so look forward to, not only to remember the fallen, but also to come together as a community. During this time, many people are alone and unable to connect as we usually do. As a Foundation, we encourage you to reach out to those who might be alone and ensure we stay connected.

3.) Speak Their Names & Share Their Stories.

The buildings on our grounds may be closed, but the names inscribed on the walls of the Shrine of Memory are still visible. Help remember those brave heroes and their stories. If you cannot visit the Shrine in person, we have a catalog of “Virginia Heroes” online, and our volunteers and researchers continue to add information as they learn more.

4.) Join the Memorial Guard.

We know in this time of uncertainty, it can be challenging to make a gift. If you are someone who is in a position to contribute, we encourage you to join our monthly donor program, the “Memorial Guard.” This group of dedicated supporters provide much needed support to the Foundation. Gifts of all sizes qualify you to join this important group, and will make a big difference!


While this crisis will test us all, we will get through it in the same way we’ve grown over the last sixty-four years–Together.


by Mary-Michael Wachur, Director of Development for the Virginia War Memorial Foundation