Dedication Day

Thank you to the Windsor Foundation and all those who support for making this film possible.

Tell all who enjoy freedom of the deeds and sacrifices required for freedom to flourish. 

Inscribed on the wall of the Shrine of Memory

Memory, Leo Friedlander’s monumental sculpture of a grieving woman keeping watch over the eternal flame of patriotism, ensures that those Virginians who perished in service from World War II through today still live in our hearts.

She has done her job for decades – keeping vigil and helping us remember in our hearts those who paid the ultimate price for Freedom – freedom for us and generations to come.

Memory will have stood watch for 68 years as of February 29, 2024. Will you stand with her by making a gift for Dedication Day?

68 years ago, on February 29, 1956, citizens of the Commonwealth came together to dedicate the Shrine of Memory at the Virginia War Memorial. Today, the Memorial grounds include museum galleries, classrooms, auditoriums and a research archive. But standing firm is that beautiful, marble icon ever vigilant over the names permanently engraved in a timeless structure overlooking the city skyline and the river connecting all parts of our state.

Will you make a gift to help her in this somber responsibility?