Vietnam War

Discover the Vietnam War from the eyes of those who were there. See educational films and other resources and activities below.

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Virginians at War Films

Virginians at War: Tet Offensive, 1968

This film explores the experience of Virginians that fought during the critical Tet Offensive in 1968, a turning point of the Vietnam War. 

Vietnam: Tet Offensive Resource Packet

Vietnam: Tet Offensive Transcript

Virginians at War: Air Operations

This film includes personal recollections from veterans of the Vietnam War, with focus on the revolutionary technology of helicopters and American air operations.


Vietnam: Air Operations Resource Packet

Vietnam: Air Operations Transcript

Recorded Lectures and Lessons

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Vietnam Veterans Panel

Aired June 8, 2020
Discover history from those who lived it with the VA War Memorial’s Vietnam Veterans Panel. Hear these veterans’ stories of war, and come prepared with questions!

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Resources and Activities

Vietnam War Resource Packet (PDF)

Includes glossary, timeline, maps, and more! Great for teachers, parents, and anyone hoping to learn more about the Vietnam War.

Interview a Veteran (tips)

Want to learn about the experiences of those who fought in the Vietnam War? Here’s some advice on how to talk to someone you know (a relative, a neighbor, or someone else in your community) about the war! Consider interviewing several veterans and starting an oral history project.

Explore the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (virtual tour)