Korean War

Learn more about the Korean War – one of the major conflicts of the Cold War Era. See films and resources below.

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Virginians at War Films

Virginians at War: Inchon Landing, Pusan Breakout

This  film covers the basis of the Korean War, the first war ever fought by United Nations forces and a defining conflict of the Cold War. Veterans describe the beginning of the war and some of its earlier conflicts, the Battle of Inchon and the Battle of Pusan Perimeter, both in 1950.

Korea: Inchon-Pusan Resource Packet (PDF)

Korea: Inchon-Pusan Transcript (PDF)

Virginians at War: Korean War – Hill Fights

This film documents the American experience during the Korean War, focusing on the back-and-forth fighting in mountainous region of the Peninsula.  Virginians share their memories of a campaign that was filled with extreme cold that made the simplest tactics nearly impossible.

Korea: Hill Fights Resource Packet (PDF)

Korea: Hill Fights Transcript (PDF)

Resources and Activities

Resources and activities for the Korean War coming soon.