Activities for Kids

We strive to provide educational activities and opportunities scalable for all grades and ages.

Download crafts, games, and lessons for free below. Scroll to the bottom to see previously aired livestreams for children.


Flag Word Search (Easy) (Download PDF)




Military Word Search (Hard) (Download PDF)




Design Your Own Medal (Download PDF)
Children and people of all ages can learn about the history of medals and ribbons in the United States Armed Forces, and design their own!



Exploring Shadows (Download PDF)

Use toy soldiers and the sun to create unique battle scenes and landscapes!


Kid-Friendly Livestreams

See our children-friendly livestreams below. Check our Livestreams page to see what other exciting programs are coming up soon.

Historical Gadgets (April 8, 2020)

From toys to tools and entertainment to cooking, come learn about some of the gadgets that people used a century ago. We will explore their uses and experiment to see if some of them still work! What gadgets can you find around your house?