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Take a closer look at some of the Virginia War Memorial’s materials and stories!

From the Archives: Prisoners of War

Aired September 15, 2020. Join Archivist Heidi Sheldon as she explores the Virginia War Memorial’s materials related to Prisoners of War.

From the Archives: Thanksgiving Menus

Aired November 25, 2020. Join Archivist Heidi Sheldon as she explores the Virginia War Memorial’s materials related to Thanksgiving.

From the Archives: Women in Service

Aired March 2, 2021. Join Archivist Heidi Sheldon as she explores the Virginia War Memorial’s materials related to women in service.


Have you ever wondered what it is like to serve in the military? Hear first-hand accounts from those who took the oath of enlistment!

Salute to Service: Military Children

Aired April 13, 2021. In this special edition of Salute to Service, hear from Martha Martin and Brandy Disbennett-Albrecht as they discuss growing up in military families.

Salute to Service: Army Nurse Corps

Aired February 18, 2021. Join retired Army Nurse Connie Davis as she discusses her experiences in the Army Nurse Corps.

Salute to Service: Helicopter Pilots

Aired February 24, 2021. Join Vietnam veteran Rick Curtin and Blackhawk pilot Neal Edmonds as they discuss their service and experiences as helicopter pilots.

Salute to Service: JAG Corps

Aired March 30, 2021. The Judge Advocate General’s Corps was established by General George Washington in 1775 and serves as one of the pillars of justice in the United States Army. Join JAG Officer Kelli Petersen as she discusses her time in the nation’s oldest law firm.


Presentations by Virginia War Memorial staff members.

What Happened? Three American Military Disasters

Aired November 23, 2020. Join VWM Director Clay Mountcastle as he discusses three pivotal military disasters: Operation Eagle Claw, the Green Ramp Accident, and the 1994 Black Hawk Shootdown Incident. He will present the what and the why of each event, and how each shaped the US military going forward.

Love Letters in the Midst of War

Aired February 12, 2021. Join Archivist Heidi Sheldon and Education Director Jim Triesler as they celebrate Valentine’s Day by sharing stories of love, longing, and loss between service members and their sweethearts.


Programs from authors, historians, and other special guest speakers.

Meet the Artist: Diana de Avila

Aired October 13, 2021. Hear digital artist and US Army veteran Diana de Avila as she describes her journey to becoming an artist, and how she creates her captivating, totally unique images.

Making Military Movies Panel Discussion

Aired October 20, 2020. This program examines the creative process, research, and production that goes into producing informative and entertaining military history documentaries at the Army University Press and Virginia War Memorial.

The State of Military History Panel Discussion

Aired December 8, 2020. If military history were a medical patient, how healthy would it be these days? A panel of esteemed historians offer their diagnosis.

Roots, War, and the Soul: Healing Through Story

Aired January 6, 2021. Researching and writing the stories of our military ancestors may provide awareness of family patterns, inherited trauma, our ancestors’ experiences, secrets, and can take us on a journey we never expected. Journey with Jennifer Holik into the past through story.

Doomed to Repeat It? Does our Military Know its History?

Aired February 3, 2021. A panel of esteemed military historians just how well our military leaders know, or fail to know, the history of their profession. Does the study of military history truly produce better leaders in wartime? Has it shaped the outcome of conflict?

Brave Women Warriors: Grit and Grace

Aired March 16, 2021. Virginian women have long played a role in service, behind the scenes and in uniform. Celebrate Women’s History Month by hearing the voices and stories of women who have served and are currently serving our country during this amazing panel discussion.

The Abuse of Military History

Aired April 14, 2021. Military history is essential for understanding our nation’s past, but what happens when this history is misused? This program examines the many ways that military history has been misused, distorted, or otherwise abused in our society and to what ends. An expert panel of military historians include Dr. Peter Mansoor, Dr. Jacqueline Whitt, and Dr. Chuck Steele.