History at the Memorial: Alicia Defonzo

Join us for a lunchtime lecture on Thursday, July 18th as we host author Alicia DeFonzo as she discusses her book The Time Left Between Us. 

A blend of memoir, history, travel, adventure, and oral storytelling, The Time Left Between Us bridges the gap between the generation who fought and the generation who has forgotten.

After visiting the Normandy beaches while staying in Paris, DeFonzo realized how little she knew about the war and her grandfather experiences. Across landscapes and lifetimes, she retraces her beloved grandfather’s tour through World War II Europe.

Eighty-four-year-old Del recounts stories as an Army combat engineer surviving major campaigns, including Normandy, St. Lo, the Bulge, Hürtgenwald, Remagen, then liberating concentration camps.

Both nostalgic and gripping, The Time Left between Us is a meditation on how deeply connected the past is to the present and how the truth—and what we remember —are often fragmented.

Bring your own lunch and join our Summer Teacher Institute attendees for an Author Talk.