Veterans Art Gallery

Creative Expression Shaped by Military Service

We are pleased to be able to offer regular exhibitions of Veterans Art in the new C. Kenneth Wright Pavilion. This space is a natural extension of our efforts to provide veterans a safe place, free from judgment and convention, to tell their stories in their own words and images.

Our newest exhibit, From Wings to Waves: The Artwork of Maureen Stewart, will be on display beginning Friday, September 17 and running through April 30, 2022. Check back for updates including artwork sales, special events, and virtual gallery tours.

The Virginia War Memorial is currently following state public health instructions and will keep guests aware of any changes made to visiting hours or policies in accordance with state guidelines.

Artist Statement

Maureen Stewart, designer & multimedia artist: As a long time graphic designer, I’ve always believed in the power of communicating beautifully. In my art, I strive to do the same – communicate feelings with warmth, color, vibrancy, and a bit of whimsy. My ultimate hope is that these visions of mine, made tangible, will allow you, the viewer, a touch of the joyful escape I feel when creating them. 

Artist Bio

Maureen Stewart is a 10 year Air Force veteran, who served as an aerial videographer, training instructor, and combat cameraman. While serving she earned her BFA in graphic design. 

This career evolution from video to design opened up innumerable creative possibilities that led to a honing of digital design skills over many years. As a civilian she has served in roles that have allowed her to express herself as a designer, creative director, instructor and producer. 

Blending that expertise in design with a love for art led her to develop some unique techniques that result in pieces that are visually vibrant, whimsical, and full of feeling.

Often merging hand drawn elements with digital techniques, Maureen marches along with a growing army of digital artists who challenge the boundaries of what constitutes ‘fine’ art. 


For a limited time, Maureen Stewart’s artwork will be available for purchase through the Joseph A. Weinberg Memorial Store.



Artist Spotlight: Maureen Stewart from Virginia War Memorial on Vimeo.



Clutch was born and raised in Richmond, VA. He has always had a passion and talent for art. However, artistic expression took on a new meaning after being wounded in combat April 1, 2008 in Sadr City, Iraq.

Due to wounds he received during service, Clutch retired from the army. It was at that time he rediscovered his passion for art calling it one of the most therapeutic outlets for his trauma and hardships endured during and after combat.

His latest pieces are on display in the Veterans Art Gallery.


Artist Spotlight: Clutch – bloodangel_47 from Virginia War Memorial on Vimeo.