Pacific Theater War Trophies

The Pacific Theater of Operations saw fierce fighting throughout World War II. The U.S. campaign of island hopping proved to be a costly, but effective way of pushing the Japanese war machine back to the home islands. The servicemen featured in this case witnessed key points in the war from the surprise attack at Pearl Harbor to the dropping of the atomic bomb in Nagasaki. Come see photos of the servicemen and captured Japanese weaponry that they brought home as war trophies.

OOO-RA Heilman

This display celebrates the life of an incredible US Marine who led an incredible life. From farm boy to US Marine fighting in WWII to President of the University of Richmond come see Doctor Bruce E. Heilman’s USMC uniform and other items. 

POW Breaking Body and Sprit

Worldwide Agreements such as The Hague and the Geneva Conventions are meant to establish humane treatment for POWs “Prisoners of War”. Despite such agreements, POWs are often left to the mercy of their captors. This display has photos and personal effects from POW’s from many different conflicts. 

USS Birmingham (CL-62)

The USS Birmingham (CL-62) was built at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company of Newport News, Virginia and was commissioned on 29thof January 1943. The USS Birmingham was one of the "fightingest" ships of the US Navy and suffered heavy damage on at least three occasions. Come learn more about this historic ship and see artifacts and photos from the crew of the USS Birmingham.

'Sailing for Sonny' a Model Ship Collection

In 2008 the Virginia War Memorial lost one of its most faithful friends, John L. “Sonny” Edwards. Sonny had many passions in life which included teaching and modal building. Over the course of his lifetime he built over 500 miniature warships in exacting detail. This display allows Sonny to do both, come and see his fleet and see what ships during WWII looked like.

Allan Miniatures Collection

Some people collect stamps, others collect dolls, Thomas Allan collects military miniatures. Thomas Allan started collecting military miniatures when he was a child and rekindled his love for the miniatures in the mid 1990’s. Since then he has collected over 5,000 miniatures and is still collecting. Come see thousands of these military miniatures in five cases depicting soldiers and equipment from the Napoleonic era to WWII.

Bringing Home the Trophy

For as long as there have been wars, soldiers have taken souvenirs or War Trophies. From swords to rifles to flags this display shows what soldiers from WWI to Afghanistan brought home as spoils of war.  

Proving Her Worth

Women have served in every war America has been involved in. Come see woman’s uniforms and head gear from WWII to Desert Storm, and see how the roles of women in the US military have changed over the years.