Facility Rental Terms and Conditions

Facility Rental Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions to Contract for Facility Rental

The Virginia War Memorial Foundation is pleased to offer veteran service organizations, corporations, community groups, and individuals ideal space in the 18,000 square foot Paul and Phyllis Galanti Education Center and on its grounds.  Overlooking the James River valley and Richmond’s central business district, the War Memorial provides a perfect location to host a variety of needs ranging from a board meeting of a handful of participants to a reception of several hundred to a corporate event for 1,500.

Events will not be allowed that, in the judgment of the Virginia War Memorial Foundation (“Foundation”), could disrupt or conflict with the primary uses of the buildings as a tribute to patriotic Virginians who rendered faithful service and sacrifice in the cause of freedom and liberty for the Commonwealth and the nation in time of war or reflect adversely on the Virginia War Memorial or the Foundation. The Foundation will review applications for use on a case-by-case basis for consistency with this general policy. Any disruptive or conflicting use on the part of the Client (as defined in the attached Contract for Facility Rental) would constitute grounds for cancelation of the event and forfeiture of any deposit fee remitted.

All events shall harmonize with the character and mission of the Virginia War Memorial and the Foundation. Events may not create any hazard or impose undue hardship to the War Memorial or Paul & Phyllis Galanti Education Center, their collections, exhibits, shrine, facilities, staff, or visitors.

Rental Fee Notes

The rental rates cover use of the room, rest rooms, on-site parking, and front-desk security.  Available to the Client are 24 eight-top round tables, 28 six-foot rectangle tables, and chairs for up to 210 people. Also available are podiums at no extra charge. A catering kitchen and service corridor for catering storage and staging is available to each Client.  Audio visual capabilities where noted include a projector, drop down screen, and speakers.  Client must furnish the computer for any presentation.

Use of rental spaces is authorized strictly on a “space available” basis. In all cases, a signed rental contract is required. Rentals which qualify for complimentary space use will in all cases also require a signed rental contract and will be assessed a minimum $250 cleaning/security fee.

Except for the fees for the Heilman Amphitheatre, the above standard rates are reduced by 50% for Joint Leadership Council Organizations, and other Veteran specific ceremony events. All 501(c)(3), tax exempt organizations, and Federal, State, and City Agencies will receive a 25% discount on qualifying rentals. All nonprofit organizations must be able to provide its IRS tax exemption letter.

The Shrine of Memory is hallowed ground honoring 11,639 Virginians who paid the ultimate sacrifice defending all Americans’ freedoms and ideals. As such, there will be no food or beverage service within the Shrine and the Client will maintain a respectful decorum within the Shrine.

Clients are encouraged to observe the surround sound “Into Battle” film (20 minutes) or a “Virginians at War” documentary film (17 minutes) as a complimentary addition to rentals within the time frame contracted, as spaces are available, as an enriching educational experience.

*Holiday rates available upon request.

Alcoholic Beverages

The Client must ensure that it has all appropriate ABC licenses in place if it plans to serve alcohol and must provide a copy of the license to the Foundation if a caterer is not utilized at least three days prior to the event.


The Foundation has an approved list of caterers to provide catering services at the War Memorial for any banquets, receptions, dinners or other after-hours events.  However, should Client desire to use its own caterer for any of the above events they will be charged $250.00. Any caterer is subject to the Foundation’s approval.

Client may use its own caterer for box lunch events during working hours when no alcohol is being served. A recommended list of caterers will be provided. Any caterer not on the recommended list is subject to the Foundation’s approval.

Damage and/or Cleanup Deposit

The Client agrees to general trash removal and room cleanliness at the end of the event unless set-up/clean-up fees are administered.  Trash must be removed from the premises or placed in the trash containers at the east end or the parking lot. Any fee incurred for additional custodial staff will be passed on to the Client.

The Foundation reserves the right at its sole discretion to require a fully refundable damage and/or cleanup deposit to be paid by the Client.  The deposit, if required, must be paid no later than seven days prior to the event.  The extent of the damage and/or cleanup that the Foundation must perform to return the facility to its original condition will be determined by the Foundation and deducted from the deposit, if paid, or, if no deposit has been paid, the cost of the damage and/or cleanup will be paid upon demand. Should none of the deposit be used, the entire amount will be refunded back to Client.


The Foundation reserves the right to approve any decorations, room layout, and equipment.  Taping or otherwise attaching any items to walls, podiums, building exteriors, or other surfaces is not allowed.  If using helium filled balloons, a $75 charge will apply for removal of any balloons that become unsecured and rise to the ceiling.  Items such as sparklers, glitter, confetti, and streamers are not allowed. The use of open flame is subject to approval.


Tents are allowed on Memorial grounds. Tents must be set up 20 feet from any building, and must utilize sand bags or water barrels, as staking is prohibited. Tenting plans are subject to approval by the Department of General Services (DGS) and the Virginia War Memorial staff. A fee of $250 is charged per tent permit submitted. If additional permit submissions are needed due to failure to follow the guidelines given by the Memorial and DGS, additional fees will apply.

Dance Floor

Dance floors are permitted for use on Virginia War Memorial grounds. All dance floors must be put down no earlier than an hour before the start of the event, and are to promptly be removed by 10 AM the next day (including weekends). Failure to adhere to the above stated timeline will result in a minimum fine of $600 to repair the grounds.


The Virginia War Memorial has parking spaces for 50 vehicles (five of which are designated handicap parking) in its surface lot and space for five passenger buses in a bus staging area off 2nd Street.  Individuals may also park their vehicles in this area.  Additional public parking is available on one side of Rowe Street, and one side of 2nd Street.

The Foundation recommends the Client contact the City of Richmond Police to make appropriate arrangements to ensure parking is available and all local codes are followed.

Should the Client need parking facilities for additional vehicles, space is available next door at the Virginia Housing Development Authority on a space available basis after working hours. If so requested by the Client, the Foundation will make all arrangements based upon the Client’s request and needs.

Payment and Cancelation

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time the signed Contract is delivered to the Foundation at least 30 days prior to the event. Until receipt of deposit, the room or space is NOT guaranteed. The balance of the rental fee is required seven days prior to the event. 

The client must provide the Foundation a written notice of cancelation at least seven days prior to the event date or the Foundation will bill the Client for full payment if it is unable thereafter to lease the agreed upon room (s) for the previously reserved date.

If the Foundation cancels an event due to failure of the Client, their attendees or their vendors to abide by the policies set forth in this document, the Foundation may retain or demand all deposits and fees received or due.

If the Foundation must cancel an event due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, or due to destruction or damage to the facilities, not the result of action by the Client, their attendees or their vendors, all deposits and payments held by the Foundation will be refunded.

Room Setup

The fee stated in the Contract for Facility Rental is for the use of a designated portion of the Virginia War Memorial for the period noted on the first page of the contract.  Everything having to do with your event must take place during these times as specified in the Contract for Facility Rental.

Please be sure all parties understand exactly what hours are designated for setup and cleanup in order to avoid early arrivals and tardy departures.  The event time ends when your last guest, employee, vendor, other agent, or you leaves, whoever leaves last.

The Client is responsible for the room set up which the Foundation will make adequate time depending upon the type event and other room rental commitments. Unless prior arrangements are made, the Client must vacate and remove all event items from the premises no more than two hours after completion of the event. *NOTE: Set-up/clean-up services are available at a fee of $450.00.

Any event overtime will be billed at $100 per hour.  For events requiring more than the allotted time for setup and cleanup, the contracting party will be charged $100 for each additional hour.

The Client accepts full responsibility and liability for any loss or physical damage to any exhibit or other Foundation property to the extent arising from your acts or omissions with any special event, other than any such loss or damage caused by a willful default or gross negligence of the Foundation.


Capitol Police security is required should the guest count exceeds 100 individuals or anytime that alcohol is served.  Additionally, there must be at least one uniformed officer for every 200 guests. These requirements can be waived at the sole discretion of the Foundation’s Executive Director.  If required, the security officer(s) must be on site at least 30 minutes prior the start of the event with at least one officer remaining until conclusion of the event and the site is secured. 

If required, the Foundation will make arrangements for the correct number of officers. The cost to the Client is a pass through of approximately $50/hr.

Payment for the expected security must be made no later than three days prior to the scheduled event. The Client will be billed after the event should additional, unplanned security be needed.


Smoking is not allowed inside the Education Center, but only in designated areas outside.