Book Paper Donations

The USS Birmingham Research Library selectively accepts print, a/v and electronic materials according to the mission of the Virginia War Memorial.  It accepts gifts and donations of primary source documents in the following subject areas:

  • US military history 
  • US armed forces 
  • Virginia veterans 
  • International conflicts involving the United States 
  • Biographies, memoirs, and personal narratives of US veterans


Within its subject scope the Library is especially interested in research, historical and high level professional materials.

  1. The Library accepts such published materials as books and serial publications. It selectively accepts separate volumes and issues of serial publications if they may fill gaps in existing subscriptions and complete subscriptions for a range of years if needed.
  2. The Library does not usually accept duplicates of materials already in the collection, non-fiction that are located in local libraries, fiction, children’s books, newsletters, text books, print copies of periodicals available full-text on-line, VHS tapes, vinyl recordings or cassette tapes.
  3. The Library has a right to accept or reject presented or donated materials at the point of an offer or, if accepted initially for a review, - after the review process. Review process is a decision making process based on assessing the potential benefit to the Library of accepting the donated item(s) into its collection.  
  4. There is no deadline for the Library's review process, although the Library will do its best to make a decision as soon as possible. 
  5. Materials, which the Library decides to decline after the review process, might be discarded, offered for sale in the memorial shop or given back to the donor at donor's request, which should be agreed upon at the time of an offer. 
  6. It would be very helpful if the donor could present a typed list of materials he/she wants to donate in advance (in person, by mail, via e-mail, or fax).  Lists of books should include title, author and date of publication.  Lists of periodicals should include title, volume number, issue number and dates.  Lists of audio-visual materials should include title, creator, and publisher.    
  7. The donor should agree with the Library about the date and time of delivering books to the Library. Generally, the donor is responsible to arrange for the delivery or transfer of a gift.  
  8. The Library does not prepare appraisal of a gift. If a donor requires an appraisal, arrangements for the appraisal are made directly between the donor and the appraiser. The appraisal must be completed prior to the transfer of a gift to the Library.
  9. If the Library incorporates the gift into its general collection, no special restrictions and requirements should be imposed by a donor as to the location and utilization, etc., of donated items.  
  10. The Library appreciates the donor's generosity in presenting a gift to the Library.


By appointment only and only during normal business hours.


Contact Information:

Kyndall Drumheller, Volunteer Support & Library Services
Phone: 804-786-2060