"Virginians At War" on iTunes U

Preserving the memory of Virginia's fallen heroes and honoring their sacrifice and service has always been the mission of the Virginia War Memorial. Their mission is also to teach history and instill patriotism. To accomplish this goal, the Memorial has created Virginians At War, a series of oral history documentaries founded on the real-life wartime experiences of Virginians and their participation in events that changed history. These heartfelt interviews from are edited together with animated maps, archival films, period photography, soundtracks, and graphics to create engaging first-person accounts of American history from World War II through the Vietnam War. The stories they tell carry the authenticity of truth. The salient facts and the emotions of the events come shining through. (SOLs - US II and VA/US History).

Click on the picture above and you will be sent to the Virginia War Memorial's Virginians At War on iTunes U. iTunes is needed to view/download these videos and a free download of iTunes is available here.